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Vol. 26. Issue 6.
Pages 333-420 (November - December 2020)

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Pulmonary telerehabilitation: An international call for action
C. Jácome, A. Marques, A. Oliveira, L.V. Rodrigues, I. Sanches
Pulmonol. 2020;26:335-7
Open access
Will the COVID tsunami be able to impose tele-rehabilitation as a system opportunity?
Michele Vitacca
Pulmonol. 2020;26:338-9
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Open Article
The scientific production during 2009 swine flu pandemic and 2019/2020 COVID-19 pandemic
T.A. Carvalho, T.M. Lima, V.F. Melani, M.F. Mendes, L.R. Pereira, F.A.L. Marson
Pulmonol. 2020;26:340-5
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Original articles
Original articles
Disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) infection with pulmonary and renal involvement: A rare complication of BCG immunotherapy. A case report and narrative review
Marta Marques, Dolores Vazquez, Susana Sousa, Gonçalo Mesquita, Maria Duarte, Rosa Ferreira
Pulmonol. 2020;26:346-52
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Original articles
Home care
The addition of a humidifier device to a circuit and its impact on home ventilator performance: a bench study
Javier Collada-Carrasco, Cristina Lamolda-Puyol, Manel Luján, Alba Castaño-Menéndez, Miguel Jiménez-Gómez, Ana Hernández-Voth, Javier Sayas-Catalán
Pulmonol. 2020;26:363-9
Open access
Effectiveness of different treatments in obesity hypoventilation syndrome
V.R. Ramírez Molina, J.F. Masa Jiménez, F.J. Gómez de Terreros Caro, J. Corral Peñafiel
Pulmonol. 2020;26:370-7
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Special article
Recommendations for interventional pulmonology during COVID-19 outbreak: a consensus statement from the Portuguese Pulmonology Society
F. Guedes, J.P. Boléo-Tomé, L.V. Rodrigues, H.N. Bastos, S. Campainha, M. de Santis, L. Mota, A. Bugalho
Pulmonol. 2020;26:386-97
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Letters to editor
Cystic tuberculosis: a very unusual aspect of a common disease
Joane Perim, Eduardo Scarlatelli Pimenta, Edson Marchiori
Pulmonol. 2020;26:400-3
Open access
Diffuse cystic lung disease as the primary tomographic manifestation of bronchiolitis: A case series
M.R. de Oliveira, O.M. Dias, A.F. Amaral, E.C.T. do Nascimento, M. Wanderley, C.R.R. Carvalho, B.G. Baldi
Pulmonol. 2020;26:403-6
Open access
A rare case of pulmonary disease combining alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency
C.S. Sousa, V. Teixeira, V. Pereira, R.B. Pinheiro, S. Seixas, N. Martins
Pulmonol. 2020;26:406-9
Open access
Pulmonary intravascular lymphoma mimicking hypersensitivity pneumonitis
R. Kikuchi, M. Ishiwari, H. Takoi, Y. Kono, A. Yoshimura, S. Abe
Pulmonol. 2020;26:409-12
Open access
Poly-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in Northern Portugal: a nine year tale
B. Gomes, G. Molina-Correa, L. Neves-Reina, A.C. Oliveira, R. Macedo, C. Carvalho, A.M. Correia
Pulmonol. 2020;26:412-4
Open access
Unusual effectiveness of systemic steroids in Whipple disease
M. Fontana, S. Cerri, G. Bernardelli, L. Brugioni, E. Clini, R. Tonelli
Pulmonol. 2020;26:415-7
Open access
Pneumocystosis pneumonia in immunocompromised patients
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
Pulmonol. 2020;26:418
Open access
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