Journal Information
Vol. 22. Issue 3.
Pages 139-184 (May - June 2016)
Adults with cystic fibrosis in Portugal: A first step towards improvement
T.H. Raja, P.A. Flume
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:139-40
Open access
Original articles
Cystic fibrosis – characterization of the adult population in Portugal
A. Silva, A. Amorim, P. Azevedo, C. Lopes, F. Gamboa
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:141-5
Open access
Asthma prevalence and risk factors in early childhood at Northern Portugal
P.T.B.S. Branco, R.A.O. Nunes, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, F.G. Martins, C. Ferraz, L.G. Vaz, S.I.V. Sousa
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:146-50
Open access
Superior lung capacity in swimmers: Some questions, more answers!
B. Lazovic-Popovic, M. Zlatkovic-Svenda, T. Durmic, M. Djelic, S. Djordjevic Saranovic, V. Zugic
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:151-6
Open access
Thoracoscopy in the management of pediatric empyemas
R. Lamas-Pinheiro, T. Henriques-Coelho, S. Fernandes, F. Correia, C. Ferraz, L. Guedes-Vaz, I. Azevedo, J. Estevão-Costa
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:157-62
Open access
Brief communication
Assessment of asthma control using CARAT in patients with and without Allergic Rhinitis: A pilot study in primary care
M. Domingues, R. Amaral, J.A. Fonseca, P. Azevedo, J. Correia-de-Sousa
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:163-6
Open access
Thematic series-copd
COPD control: Can a consensus be found?
M. Guimarães, A. Bugalho, A.S. Oliveira, J. Moita, A. Marques
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:167-76
Open access
Research letters
Impact of sleepiness on arterial stiffness and cardio-vascular risk in men with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea
M.A. Mineiro, P.M. da Silva, M. Alves, D. Virella, M.J.M. Gomes, J. Cardoso
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:177-8
Open access
Interstitial lung disease in the intensive unit care setting
A.F. Gonçalves, S. Campainha, C. Nogueira, F. Costa, P. Castelões, S. Neves
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:179-80
Open access
Integrated domiciliary ventilation outpatient clinic – Description and experience of an integrated and multidisciplinary model
A.C. Freitas, V. Lavrador, I. Coelho, R. Sousa, V. Senra, L. Morais
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:180-1
Open access
Letters to the editor
Critical appraisal of the Portuguese clinical guideline 28/2011
T. Sousa-Veloso
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:181-2
Open access
Clinical trials in Portugal: A ruby in the middle of the rubble
J.C. Winck
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:183
Open access
COPD: Are we using all the tools we have?
A. Araújo
Rev Port Pneumol. 2016;22:184
Open access

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