Pulmonology Pulmonology
Issue number 4
July - August 2017
Vol. 23. Num. 4.
Pages 175-242
Tuberculosis, alcohol and tobacco: Dangerous liaisons
A.F. Santos-Silva, G.B. Migliori, R. Duarte
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:177-8
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Original articles
Physical performance, quality of life and sexual satisfaction evaluation in adults with cystic fibrosis: An unexplored correlation
K.C.A. Aguiar, F.A.L. Marson, C.C.S. Gomez, M.C. Pereira, I.A. Paschoal, A.F. Ribeiro, J.D. Ribeiro
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:179-92
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Effects of positive airway pressure therapy on cardiovascular and metabolic markers in males with obstructive sleep apnea
A. Feliciano, M.J. Oliveira, A. Cysneiros, C. Martinho, R.P. Reis, D. Penque, P. Pinto, C. Bárbara
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:193-202
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Titration with automatic continuous positive airway pressure in obstructive sleep apnea
C. Dias, L. Sousa, L. Batata, R. Reis, F. Teixeira, J. Moita, J. Moutinho dos Santos
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:203-7
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Prevalence of late-onset pompe disease in Portuguese patients with diaphragmatic paralysis – DIPPER study
M.J. Guimarães, J.C. Winck, B. Conde, A. Mineiro, M. Raposo, J. Moita, A. Marinho, J.M. Silva, N. Pires, S. André, C. Loureiro
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:208-15
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Predictors of talc slurry pleurodesis success in patients with malignant pleural effusions
P.S. Santos, M.A. Marques, C. Cruz, H. Monteiro, F. Fradinho
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:216-20
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Brief CommunicationResearch Letters
What exactly Portuguese respiratory professionals aim for their scientific Society: Findings from the VOICE online survey
J.C. Winck, S. Moreira, A. Bugalho, M. Drummond, A.J. Ferreira, M. Guimarães, J.M. Reis-Ferreira
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:225-6
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The correlation between age and sweat chloride levels in sweat tests
A.G. Faria, F.A.L. Marson, A.F. Ribeiro, J.D. Ribeiro
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:227-30
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Letters to the Editor
Wood charcoal dust pneumoconiosis
P.P.T.S Torres, E. Marchiori, S.A. Pinto, M.F. Rabahi
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:233-4
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Pleural effusion in AA amyloidosis – A rare involvement of a rare disease
C. Dias, I. Tavares, A. Magalhães, N. Melo
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:234-6
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Use of the Intermittent Abdominal Pressure Ventilation to guarantee speech in a tracheostomized Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patient
E. De Mattia, M. Iatomasi, B. Garabelli, C. Lunetta, V.A. Sansone, F. Rao
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:236-9
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Bronchial mucous gland adenoma: A rare tumor
R.C. Oliveira, L. Carvalho, A.J. Ferreira, C.R. Cordeiro
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:241-2
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