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Vol. 29. Issue 2.
Pages 105-178 (March - April 2023)

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Adaptive servo-ventilation for central sleep apnea: What are the lessons learned?
G. Lorenzi-Filho, L.F. Drager, T.D. Bradley
Pulmonol. 2023;29:105-7
Open access
What have we learnt from Covid-19 Pandemia? Looking to the future
J.I. de Granda-Orive, M.Á. Martínez-García
Pulmonol. 2023;29:108-10
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
Lung cancer
The function of miR-637 in non-small cell lung cancer progression and prognosis
Teng Jia, Qingguang Zhang, Haitao Xu, Hongjian Liu, Xiaojie Gu
Pulmonol. 2023;29:111-8
Open access
Original articles
Interestitial lung deseases
A pilot study on the use of the super dimension navigation system for optimal cryobiopsy location in interstitial lung disease diagnostics
S. Kronborg-White, E. Bendstrup, L. Gori, V. Luzzi, L.B. Madsen, V. Poletti, T.R. Rasmussen, M. Trigiani, ... S. Tomassetti
Pulmonol. 2023;29:119-23
Open access
Original articles
Latent tuberculosis infection prevalence in second generation immigrants from high to low TB burden countries
D. Shlomi, I. Galor, A. More, B. Oberman, L. Fireman
Pulmonol. 2023;29:124-9
Open access
Original articles
Inhaler technique knowledge and skills before and after an educational program in obstructive respiratory disease patients: A real-life pilot study
M. Vitacca, M. Paneroni, M. Fracassi, E. Mandora, L. Cerqui, G. Benedetti, C. Zanoni, A. Pluda, ... D. Fiorenza
Pulmonol. 2023;29:130-7
Open access
Special article
Diagnostic and therapeutic approach of central sleep apnea in heart failure – the role of adaptive servo-ventilation. A statement of the Portuguese society of pulmonology and the Portuguese sleep association
S. Correia, S. Sousa, M. Drummond, P. Pinto, R. Staats, D. Brito, N. Lousada, J.S. Cardoso, J. Moita
Pulmonol. 2023;29:138-43
Open access
Review articles
Review articles
Series how can we do it. edited by stefano nava
How do I wean a patient with acute hypercapnic respiratory failure from noninvasive ventilation?
A. Özsancak U¿urlu, B. Ergan
Pulmonol. 2023;29:144-50
Open access
Letters to the editor
Durability of COVID-19 vaccine induced T-cell mediated immune responses measured using the QuantiFERON SARS-CoV-2 assay
F. Stieber, N. Allen, K. Carpenter, P. Hu, R. Alagna, S. Rao, D. Manissero, J. Howard, V. Nikolayevskyy
Pulmonol. 2023;29:151-3
Open access
Flow-controlled ventilation may reduce mechanical power and increase ventilatory efficiency in severe coronavirus disease-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome
A. Grassetto, T. Pettenuzzo, F. Badii, R. Carlon, N. Sella, P. Navalesi
Pulmonol. 2023;29:154-6
Open access
How COVID-19 changed our bronchoscopy procedures: A comparison with the Portuguese Pulmonology Society Recommendations
A. Jniene, A. Rhanim, L. Herrak, L. Achachi, M. El Ftouh
Pulmonol. 2023;29:157-9
Open access
Azacytidine-induced pneumonitis in acute myeloid leukaemia
S. Moura Cabral, P. Ferreira
Pulmonol. 2023;29:165-6
Open access
Recurrent pneumonia and severe opportunistic infections in declining immunity and autoimmune manifestations
Federica Zallocco, Alessia Omenetti, Venerino Poletti, Salvatore Cazzato
Pulmonol. 2023;29:167-9
Open access
A curious manifestation of mechanical tension theory in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
A. Trindade, S. Dias, A. Morais
Pulmonol. 2023;29:170-2
Open access
‘Gold-standard’ field test is a non-sequitur
D.S. Urquhart, H. Hebestreit, Z. Saynor, T. Radtke
Pulmonol. 2023;29:173
Open access
Complete bronchial rupture due to blunt chest trauma
Á. Fuentes-Martín, C. Disdier Vicente, Á. Cilleruelo-Ramos
Pulmonol. 2023;29:176-7
Open access

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