Journal Information
Vol. 21. Issue 4.
Pages 173-224 (July 2015)
Issue in English
Tobacco-free homes for tobacco-free generations: establishing positive smoke-free role models for youth
M.S. Cattaruzza
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:173-4
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Inhaled steroids in COPD: Reasons for a debate
Alvar Agustí
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:175-7
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Artigos originais
Children's exposure to second hand smoke at home: A cross-sectional study in Portugal
Paulo D. Vitória, José Cunha Machado, Ana Carolina Araújo, Sofia B. Ravara, Catarina Samorinha, Henedina Antunes, Manuel Rosas, Elisardo Becoña, José Precioso
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:178-84
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Diagnostic yield of sputum microbiological analysis in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in a period of 10 years
A. Tavares e Castro, M. Mendes, S. Freitas, P.C. Roxo
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:185-91
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Respiratory parameters in elite athletes – does sport have an influence?
S. Mazic, B. Lazovic, M. Djelic, J. Suzic-Lazic, S. Djordjevic-Saranovic, T. Durmic, I. Soldatovic, D. Zikic, Z. Gluvic, V. Zugic
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:192-7
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Pulmonary function, functional capacity and quality of life in adults with cystic fibrosis
V.J. Ribeiro Moço, A.J. Lopes, P. dos Santos Vigário, V.P. de Almeida, S.L.S. de Menezes, F.S. Guimarães
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:198-202
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Insomnia as an expression of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome – the effect of treatment with nocturnal ventilatory support
M. Saldanha Mendes, J. Moutinho dos Santos
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:203-8
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Brief communication
Asthma control in the Portuguese National Asthma Survey
A. Sá-Sousa, R. Amaral, M. Morais-Almeida, L. Araújo, L.F. Azevedo, A. Bugalho-Almeida, J. Bousquet, J.A. Fonseca
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:209-13
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Casos clínicos
Interstitial lung disease preceding primary biliary cirrhosis in a male patient
I. Franco, A. Dubini, S. Piciucchi, G. Casoni, V. Poletti
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:214-7
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Letter to the editor
Prognostic value of plasma D-dimer level in adults with community-acquired pneumonia: A prospective study
Joana Clemente Duarte, Ana Tavares e Castro, Raquel Silva, Lurdes Correia, Adélia Simão, Armando Carvalho
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:218-9
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Lung transplant: Complications and quality of life
A.V. Cardoso, H.N. Bastos, C. Damas
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:219-20
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A rare benign tumor of tracheobronchial tree: Endobronchial fibroepithelial polyp
R.C. Melo, C. Ribeiro, A. Sanches, A. Oliveira
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:221-2
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Tuberculosis in undiagnosed children: What are the criteria to start treatment in Portugal?
S. Martins, I. Carvalho, J.V. Santos, R. Duarte
Rev Port Pneumol. 2015;21:223-4
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