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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Pulmonology

COVID-19 pneumonia and ROX index: Time to set a new threshold for patients admitted outside the ICU. Authors' reply
M.L. Vega, R. Dongilli, G. Olaizola, N. Colaianni, M.C. Sayat, L. Pisani, M. Romagnoli, G. Spoladore, I. Prediletto, G. Montiel, S. Nava
Pulmonol. 2021;27:475-6
Open access
Effectiveness and safety of a new helmet CPAP configuration allowing tidal volume monitoring in patients with COVID-19
C. Chiappero, G. Misseri, A. Mattei, M. Ippolito, C. Albera, E. Pivetta, A. Cortegiani, C. Gregoretti
Open access
Available online 26 July 2021
Prevalence of exercise-induced oxygen desaturation after recovery from SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia and use of lung ultrasound to predict need for pulmonary rehabilitation
Annalisa Carlucci, Mara Paneroni, Margherita Carotenuto, Enrica Bertella, Serena Cirio, Alessandra Gandolfo, Carla Simonelli, Matteo Vigna, Cinzia Lastoria, Alberto Malovini, Barbara Fusar Poli, Michele Vitacca
Open access
Available online 8 July 2021
Rehabilitative practice in Europe: Roles and competencies of physiotherapists. Are we learning something new from COVID-19 pandemic?
Massimiliano Polastri, Marta Lazzeri, Cristina Jácome, Michele Vitacca, Stefania Costi, Enrico Clini, Alda Marques
Pulmonol. 2021;27:283-5
Open access
Open Article
Non-invasive respiratory support paths in hospitalized patients with COVID-19: proposal of an algorithm
J.C. Winck, R. Scala
Pulmonol. 2021;27:305-12
Open access
Open Article
Respiratory function in patients post-infection by COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
R. Torres-Castro, L. Vasconcello-Castillo, X. Alsina-Restoy, L. Solis-Navarro, F. Burgos, H. Puppo, J. Vilaró
Pulmonol. 2021;27:328-37
Open access
Open Article
Different disease, same challenges: Social determinants of tuberculosis and COVID-19
R. Duarte, A. Aguiar, M. Pinto, I. Furtado, S. Tiberi, K. Lönnroth, G.B. Migliori
Pulmonol. 2021;27:338-44
Open access
Open Article
Anatomic lung recruitment in the early phase of severe COVID-19-pneumonia
C. Stephani, P. Herrmann, C.O. Ritter, J. Lotz, L. Saager, K. Meissner, O. Moerer
Pulmonol. 2021;27:345-7
Open access
Open Article
Pulmonary embolism detected by CT pulmonary angiography in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
V. Bunel, L. Saker, N. Ajzenberg, J.F. Timsit, S. Najem, B. Lortat-Jacob, J. Gay, G. Weisenburger, H. Mal, A. Khalil
Pulmonol. 2021;27:348-51
Open access
High-resolution CT features in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and negative nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs
Emilio Quaia, Elisa Baratella, Filippo Crimi, Luca Cancian, Paola Crivelli, Andrea Vianello
Pulmonol. 2021;27:351-3
Open access
Open Article

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