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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Pulmonology

COVID-19 pandemic and tuberculosis: How to ensure adequate care in pediatric age
M. Barros, J.B. Silva, M. Sousa, L. Barbosa, I. Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2022;28:421-2
Open access
Clinical and radiological improvement of protracted COVID-19 and Good syndrome secondary to advanced thymoma
M. Tenorio Cerezoli, J.A. Gonçalves Garreta Prats, A. Kreling Medeiros, D.V. Gonçalves Santana, F. Marques da Costa, U.S. Torres, W.N. William Jr.
Pulmonol. 2022;28:472-5
Open access
Pathophysiology of light phenotype SARS-CoV-2 interstitial pneumonia: from histopathological features to clinical presentations
S. Oldani, C. Ravaglia, S. Bensai, L. Bertolovic, C. Ghirotti, S. Puglisi, S. Martinello, F. Sultani, C. Colinelli, S. Piciucchi, S. Simoncelli, V. Poletti
Pulmonol. 2022;28:333-44
Open access
Open Article
Issue 1 - “Update on adverse respiratory effects of outdoor air pollution” Part 2): Outdoor air pollution and respiratory diseases: Perspectives from Angola, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Mozambique and Portugal
A.C. Sousa, M.R. Pastorinho, M.R. Masjedi, M. Urrutia-Pereira, M. Arrais, E. Nunes, T. To, A.J. Ferreira, C. Robalo-Cordeiro, C. Borrego, J.P. Teixeira, L. Taborda-Barata
Pulmonol. 2022;28:376-95
Open access
A Different Wave – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Nuno F. Ribeiro, Luís P. Ferreira, Marco A. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2022;28:252-3
Open access
COVID-19 pneumonia and ROX index: Time to set a new threshold for patients admitted outside the ICU. Author's reply
M.L. Vega, L. Pisani, R. Dongilli, S. Nava
Pulmonol. 2022;28:322-3
Open access
Intermittent versus equivalent constant-load cycle training in COVID-19 patients
M. Vitacca, I. Vogiatzis, B. Salvi, L. Bertacchini, M. Venturelli, M. Paneroni
Pulmonol. 2022;28:312-4
Open access
Investigating the response to COVID-19 and understanding severe TB cases: The 2022 Pulmonology TB series
G.B. Migliori, S. Tiberi, R. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2022;28:155-7
Open access
Open Article
Unvaccinated COVID-19 patients in the ICU: Views from both sides of the barrier
A. Vianello, G. Guarnieri, F. Lionello
Pulmonol. 2022;28:161-3
Open access
Open Article
Point-of-care COVID-19 antigen testing in German emergency rooms – a cost-benefit analysis
R. Diel, A. Nienhaus
Pulmonol. 2022;28:164-72
Open access
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