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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Pulmonology

Measures of physical performance in COVID-19 patients: a mapping review
Carla Simonelli, Mara Paneroni, Michele Vitacca, Nicolino Ambrosino
Pulmonol. 2021;27:518-28
Open access
Applicability of lung ultrasound in COVID-19 diagnosis and evaluation of the disease progression: A systematic review
A.O. Peixoto, R.M. Costa, R. Uzun, A.M.A. Fraga, J.D. Ribeiro, F.A.L. Marson
Pulmonol. 2021;27:529-62
Open access
Predictors of reduced 6-minute walk distance after COVID-19: a cohort study in Mexico
A.W. Wong, S. López-Romero, E. Figueroa-Hurtado, S. Vazquez-Lopez, K.M. Milne, C.J. Ryerson, J.A. Guenette, A. Cortés-Telles
Pulmonol. 2021;27:563-5
Open access
Open Article
Plasmapheresis reduces cytokine and immune cell levels in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Seyed MohammadReza Hashemian, Navid Shafigh, Golnaz Afzal, Hamidreza Jamaati, Payam Tabarsi, Majid Marjani, Majid Malekmohammad, Seyed Mehdi Mortazavi, Batoul Khoundabi, Davood Mansouri, Afshin Moniri, Abbas Hajifathali, Elham Roshandel, Esmaeil Mortaz, Ian M Adcock
Pulmonol. 2021;27:486-92
Open access
Open Article
The misunderstood link between SARS-CoV-2 and angiogenesis. A narrative review
G. Madureira, R. Soares
Open access
Available online 28 September 2021
Use of Helmet CPAP in COVID-19 – A practical review
H. Amirfarzan, M. Cereda, T.G. Gaulton, K.B. Leissner, A. Cortegiani, R. Schumann, C. Gregoretti
Pulmonol. 2021;27:413-22
Open access
Open Article
The immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 immunopathology – Current perspectives
J.L. Boechat, I. Chora, A. Morais, L. Delgado
Pulmonol. 2021;27:423-37
Open access
Practical considerations for spirometry during the COVID-19 outbreak: Literature review and insights
Claudia Crimi, Pietro Impellizzeri, Raffaele Campisi, Santi Nolasco, Antonio Spanevello, Nunzio Crimi
Pulmonol. 2021;27:438-47
Open access
Open Article
Functional impairment during post-acute COVID-19 phase: Preliminary finding in 56 patients
E. Zampogna, G.B. Migliori, R. Centis, F. Cherubino, C. Facchetti, D. Feci, G. Palmiotto, P. Pignatti, L. Saderi, G. Sotgiu, A. Spanevello, M. Zappa, D. Visca
Pulmonol. 2021;27:452-5
Open access
Open Article
ROX monitoring in critical COVID-19 patients treated with high flow oxygen: A real added value compared to the respiratory rate?
M. Garnier, D. Blez
Pulmonol. 2021;27:474
Open access

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