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Vol. 30. Issue 2.
Pages 99-206 (March - April 2024)
The scourge of chronic cough
L. Puente-Maestu
Pulmonol. 2024;30:99-100
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In pursuit of personalized medicine in fibrotic interstitial lung diseases. Divide and conquer
V. Tzilas, D. Bouros, Jay H. Ryu
Pulmonol. 2024;30:101-3
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Original articles
Original articles
Interstitial lung diseases
Phenotyping exercise limitation of patients with Interstitial Fibrosing Lung Disease: the importance of exercise hemodynamics
E. Panagiotidou, A. Βoutou, E. Fouka, D. Papakosta, E. Chatzopoulos, E. Sourla, A. Markopoulou, I. Kioumis, ... G. Pitsiou
Pulmonol. 2024;30:104-12
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Original articles
Genetic variation of six specific SNPs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among Chinese population
J. Jing, D. Xu, Z. Li, J. Wang, J. Dai, F.S. Li
Pulmonol. 2024;30:113-21
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Original articles
Alfa1 antitripsyn
Association of the methionine sulfoxide reductase A rs10903323 gene polymorphism with functional activity and oxidative modification of alpha-1-antitrypsin in COPD patients
V. Milovanovic, A. Topic, N. Milinkovic, Z. Lazic, A. Ivosevic, D. Radojkovic, A. Divac Rankov
Pulmonol. 2024;30:122-9
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Original articles
Tuberculosis national registries and data on diagnosis delay – Is there room for improvement?
Bárbara Seabra, Raquel Duarte
Pulmonol. 2024;30:130-6
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Original articles
Smoking prevention
Particulate matter in aerosols produced by two last generation electronic cigarettes: a comparison in a real-world environment
A. Borgini, C. Veronese, C. De Marco, R. Boffi, A. Tittarelli, M. Bertoldi, E. Fern..ndez, O. Tigova, ... TackSHS Project Investigators
Pulmonol. 2024;30:137-44
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Original articles
Family medicine
Respiratory medicine curriculum in Portuguese family medicine training: A Delphi study
P.M. Teixeira, F. Lemos, J. Yaphe, L. Alves, J.C. de Sousa
Pulmonol. 2024;30:145-51
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Series: how i manage the case. series editor: stefano nava
Assisted mobilisation in critical patients with COVID-19
M. Polastri, F. Daniele, F. Tagariello
Pulmonol. 2024;30:152-8
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Open Article
Unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer: Insights from a Portuguese expert panel
A. Araújo, A. Barroso, B. Parente, C. Travancinha, E. Teixeira, F. Martelo, G. Fernandes, G. Paupério, ... F. Barata
Pulmonol. 2024;30:159-69
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Brief communication
Differences between FEV6, FVC and VC at the diagnosis of obstructive ventilatory defect
C.S. Sousa, D.B. Coelho, P. Amorim, P. Viana, N. Cruz-Martins, M. Drummond
Pulmonol. 2024;30:170-3
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Letters to the editor
Subpleural curvilinear lines as an early indicator of silicosis in artificial stone workers
C.H. Chen, P.J. Tsai, W.W. Chang, C.Y. Chen, Y.L. Guo
Pulmonol. 2024;30:174-6
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Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency in Madeira Island: The first null variant and the contribution of deficient genotypes
Ana Sara Gonçalves, João Carvalho, Cláudia Sousa, Susana Seixas, Vítor Teixeira
Pulmonol. 2024;30:177-9
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Open-source, low-cost App-driven Internet of Things approach to facilitate respiratory oscillometry at home and in developing countries
J.-E. González, M.A. Rodríguez, E. Caballero, A. Pardo, S. Marco, R. Farré
Pulmonol. 2024;30:180-3
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Occurrence and predictors of adverse events associated with Linezolid in the treatment of patients with MDR-TB
A. Oehadian, M.L. Bastos, R. Centis, L. D'Ambrosio, G.B. Migliori, P. Santoso, R. Ruslami, D. Menzies
Pulmonol. 2024;30:184-7
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Postural lung volume reduction, expiratory flow limitation, and orthopnoea in diaphragmatic weakness: Preliminary observations
S. Redolfi, C. Straus, V. Ninane, T. Similowski
Pulmonol. 2024;30:188-91
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The eye may be the spy of injury related to NIV interface and prone positioning
P. Pierucci, M.L. de Candia, A. Marzullo, F. Mele, F. Introna, C. Agrisani, G. Ingoglia, C. Gregoretti, G.E. Carpagnano
Pulmonol. 2024;30:192-4
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Thoracic endometriosis presenting as diffuse cystic lung disease: a rare case report
G. das Posses Bridi, M.R. de Oliveira, C.R.R. Carvalho, E.C.T. do Nascimento, B.G. Baldi
Pulmonol. 2024;30:195-7
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Early pronation, protective lung ventilation and use of awake-prone-HFNO therapy after extubation in near-fatal drowning
G. Misseri, P. Pierucci, D. Bellina, M. Ippolito, G. Ingoglia, C. Gregoretti
Pulmonol. 2024;30:198-201
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Images: Rare bronchiolar adenoma transforming to squamous cell carcinoma
Ning Zhou, Ying Chen, Shuya Hu, Zhengfang Jiang
Pulmonol. 2024;30:202-4
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Reviewers 2023
Pulmonol. 2024;30:I-II
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