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Vol. 26. Issue 2.
Pages 61-116 (March - April 2020)

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Monoclonal antibodies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Nikolaos Siafakas
Pulmonol. 2020;26:61-2
Open access
Is adherence to treatment influenced by the ability to use inhaled devices in patients with COPD correctly?
Manuela Latorre, Giulia Parri, Pierluigi Paggiaro
Pulmonol. 2020;26:63-5
Open access
Original articles
Original articles
COPD: Analysing factors associated with a successful treatment
A. Duarte-de-Araújo, P. Teixeira, V. Hespanhol, J. Correia-de-Sousa
Pulmonol. 2020;26:66-72
Open access
Original articles
The Portuguese version of Rhinitis and Asthma Patient's Perspective (RAPP): Validation and assessment
A. Todo-Bom, F. Braido, G. Molinengo, C. Loureiro, G.W. Canonica, I. Baiardini
Pulmonol. 2020;26:73-7
Open access
Original articles
Preventive therapy compliance in pediatric tuberculosis – A single center experience
J.C. Santos, J.B. Silva, M.A. Rangel, L. Barbosa, I. Carvalho
Pulmonol. 2020;26:78-83
Open access
Original articles
Chronic care
Tracheostomy prevalence at Skilled Nursing Facilities
F. Pereira, A.Maia Silva, I.Machado Vaz, S. Viamonte, J.C. Winck
Pulmonol. 2020;26:90-4
Open access
Review article
“Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and phenotypes: a state-of-the-art.”
Alexandru Corlateanu, Yamely Mendez, Yafeng Wang, Ricardo de Jesus Avendaño Garnica, Victor Botnaru, Nikolaos Siafakas
Pulmonol. 2020;26:95-100
Open access
Letters to the editor
Janus-faced amiodarone-induced pneumopathy
S. Cerri, R. Tonelli, P. Faverio, N. Sverzellati, E. Clini, F. Luppi
Pulmonol. 2020;26:101-3
Open access
Pulmonary cavities—The diagnostic’s challenge
Francisca Martins, Ariana Teles, Idalina Maciel, Hugo Rodrigues
Pulmonol. 2020;26:103-5
Open access
Autonomy and dyspnea in palliative care: A case report
M. Martins, E. Campôa, M. Ferreira, P. Reis-Pina
Pulmonol. 2020;26:105-7
Open access
Catathrenia resolved with the lowest CPAP pressure settings
Teresa Gómez, Ana Casal, María del Pilar Carballosa De Miguel, Paula Rodríguez Rodríguez, María Fernanda Troncoso Acevedo, Farah Ezzine De Blas
Pulmonol. 2020;26:107-10
Open access
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