Journal Information
Vol. 20. Issue 2.
Pages 55-118 (March - April 2014)
Issue in English
What we have accomplished and what we can achieve
A. Morais
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:55-6
Open access
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
F. Blasi, M. Mantero
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:60-1
Open access
Artigos originais
Is diabetes mellitus a negative prognostic factor for the treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer?
Ali Inal, M. Ali Kaplan, Mehmet Kucukoner, Zuhat Urakcı, Faruk kılınc, Abdurrahman Isıkdogan
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:62-8
Open access
Implementation of a guideline for physical therapy in the postoperative period of upper abdominal surgery reduces the incidence of atelectasis and length of hospital stay
S. Souza Possa, C. Braga Amador, A. Meira Costa, E. Takahama Sakamoto, C. Seiko Kondo, A.L. Maida Vasconcellos, C.M. Moran de Brito, W. Pereira Yamaguti
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:69-77
Open access
Experiência clínica com omalizumab na consulta de asma grave
S. Alfarroba, W. Videira, C. Galvão‐Lucas, F. Carvalho, C. Bárbara
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:78-83
Open access
Artigo especial
Proposta de um protocolo de terapia celular para o tratamento da doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica
J.T. Ribeiro‐Paes, T. Stessuk, M. Marcelino, C. Faria, T. Marinelli, M.J. Ribeiro‐Paes
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:84-91
Open access
Artigo de revisão
Prescribing exercise training in pulmonary rehabilitation: A clinical experience
S. Bernard, F. Ribeiro, F. Maltais, D. Saey
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:92-100
Open access
Casos clínicos
Linfangioleiomiomatose pulmonar inicial provável e linfangioleiomioma mediastínico
M. Pontes, C. Barbosa, M.L. Coelho, L. Carvalho
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:101-6
Open access
A new case of Job's syndrome at the clinic: A diagnostic challenge
A. Cruz‐Portelles, D. Estopiñan‐Zuñiga
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:107-10
Open access
Consensus document for the prevention of respiratory infections in adults
F. Froes, A. Diniz, C. Robalo Cordeiro, M. Serrado, A. Ramalho de Almeida
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:111-4
Open access
Cartas ao editor
Bronchial carcinoid tumor presenting with recurrent pneumothorax
R. Reis, L. Nascimento, A. Fernandes
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:115-6
Open access
Ruptured bronchial artery aneurysm in patient with unknown trauma or lung disease
F. Morais, V.V. Mascarenhas, P. Campos
Rev Port Pneumol. 2014;20:117
Open access

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