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Prioritizing care for severe asthma during SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
A. Benfante, N. Scichilone
Open access
Open Article
Available online 16 November 2020
Reducing oral corticosteroids in severe asthma (ROSA Project): a nationwide Portuguese consensus
Claudia Chaves Loureiro, Manuel Branco Ferreira, Jorge Ferreira, Ricardo Lima, João Marques, Anna Sokolova, Fernanda S. Tonin, Filipa Duarte Ramos
Open access
Available online 9 November 2020
For a patient with severe asthma, every day may be his last World Asthma Day
Mário Morais-Almeida, Helena Pité, Lara Pimenta, Luís Araújo, Carlos Nunes
Open access
Available online 6 November 2020
High-resolution CT features in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and negative nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs
Emilio Quaia, Elisa Baratella, Filippo Crimi, Luca Cancian, Paola Crivelli, Andrea Vianello
Open access
Open Article
Available online 4 November 2020
Treatment interruption patterns and adverse events among patients on bedaquiline containing regimen under programmatic conditions in India
Sekar Natarajan, Rupak Singla, Neeta Singla, Amitesh Gupta, Jose A. Caminero, Amartya Chakraborty, Vikas Kumar
Open access
Available online 27 October 2020
Metronomic oral vinorelbine in a real-world population of advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients
Fernanda Estevinho, Rita Gomes, Direndra Hasmucrai, Fernando Barata
Open access
Available online 7 October 2020
Determinants associated with uncontrolled asthma in Portugal: A national population-based study
C. Camarinha, M. Fernandes, V. Alarcão, J. Franco, M.E. Manaças, C. Bárbara, P.J. Nicola
Open access
Available online 4 October 2020
Serial autoantibody detection in interstitial lung diseases: should they be repeated at follow-up?
P. Cameli, D. Plataroti, G.D. Rana, L. Bergantini, M. d'Alessandro, E. Bargagli
Open access
Available online 27 September 2020
Pulmonary hyalinizing granuloma: Atypical presentation
Â.D. Cunha, N. Melo, S. Guimarães, C.S. Moura, J.M. Pereira, A. Morais
Open access
Available online 22 September 2020
Cardio-pulmonary-exercise testing, stress-induced right ventricular diastolic dysfunction and exercise capacity in non-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
R.V. Cherneva, S.V. Denchev, Z.V. Cherneva
Open access
Available online 15 September 2020

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