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Airway stents in malignant central airway obstruction
M. Serino, C. Freitas, S. Saleiro, B. Cabrita, M. Conde, M.G.O. Fernandes, A. Magalhães
Open access
Available online 18 March 2021
Literacy on tuberculosis in paediatric population and their caregivers. The importance of an outpatient tuberculosis centre
Joana Pinho, Vilma Lopes, Isabel Ayres Pereira, Joana Brandão Silva, Maria Adriana Rangel, Isabel Carvalho
Open access
Available online 6 March 2021
Markers of cardiovascular risk and their reversibility with acute oxygen therapy in Kyrgyz highlanders with high altitude pulmonary hypertension
M. Furian, T.D. Latshang, S.S. Aeschbacher, U. Sheraliev, N.H. Marazhapov, E. Mirrakhimov, S. Ulrich, T.M. Sooronbaev, K.E. Bloch
Open access
Available online 3 March 2021
Different disease, same challenges: Social determinants of tuberculosis and COVID-19
R. Duarte, A. Aguiar, M. Pinto, I. Furtado, S. Tiberi, K. Lönnroth, G.B. Migliori
Open access
Open Article
Available online 28 February 2021
Palliative and respiratory care: Preparing the future
Joana Branco, Isabel Galriça Neto
Open access
Available online 25 February 2021
Miliary tuberculosis in a rheumatoid arthritis patient receiving long-term tumor necrosis factor monoclonal antibody therapy
C.-R. Wang, W.-C. Lin, Y.-S. Tsai
Open access
Available online 23 February 2021
Nasal high flow oxygen in acute respiratory failure
M.L. Vega, L. Pisani
Open access
Available online 14 February 2021
Use of Helmet CPAP in COVID-19 – A practical review
H. Amirfarzan, M. Cereda, T.G. Gaulton, K.B. Leissner, A. Cortegiani, R. Schumann, C. Gregoretti
Open access
Open Article
Available online 12 February 2021
Assisted mobilisation in critical patients with COVID-19
M. Polastri, F. Daniele, F. Tagariello
Open access
Open Article
Available online 11 February 2021
Screening of inhalation technique and treatment adherence in asthma, COPD and ACO patients
M. Nobre Pereira, T. Marques, V. Areias, C. Guerreiro, K. Cunha, H. Ramos
Open access
Available online 11 February 2021

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