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Special content about coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Pulmonology

A Different Wave – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Nuno F. Ribeiro, Luís P. Ferreira, Marco A. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2022;28:252-3
Open access
COVID-19 pneumonia and ROX index: Time to set a new threshold for patients admitted outside the ICU. Author's reply
M.L. Vega, L. Pisani, R. Dongilli, S. Nava
Pulmonol. 2022;28:322-3
Open access
Intermittent versus equivalent constant-load cycle training in COVID-19 patients
M. Vitacca, I. Vogiatzis, B. Salvi, L. Bertacchini, M. Venturelli, M. Paneroni
Pulmonol. 2022;28:312-4
Open access
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-hospital diagnosis of tuberculosis in non-HIV patients
M. Martins, L. Carvalho, T. Carvalho, I. Gomes
Open access
Available online 10 June 2022
Issue 1 - “Update on adverse respiratory effects of outdoor air pollution” Part 2): Outdoor air pollution and respiratory diseases: Perspectives from Angola, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Mozambique and Portugal
A.C. Sousa, M.R. Pastorinho, M.R. Masjedi, M. Urrutia-Pereira, M. Arrais, E. Nunes, T. To, A.J. Ferreira, C. Robalo-Cordeiro, C. Borrego, J.P. Teixeira, L. Taborda-Barata
Open access
Available online 11 May 2022
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis mortality in the Italian epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic
P. Faverio, S. Conti, F. Madotto, G. Franco, E. Renzoni, L.G. Mantovani, F. Luppi
Open access
Available online 1 May 2022
Investigating the response to COVID-19 and understanding severe TB cases: The 2022 Pulmonology TB series
G.B. Migliori, S. Tiberi, R. Duarte
Pulmonol. 2022;28:155-7
Open access
Open Article
Unvaccinated COVID-19 patients in the ICU: Views from both sides of the barrier
A. Vianello, G. Guarnieri, F. Lionello
Pulmonol. 2022;28:161-3
Open access
Open Article
Point-of-care COVID-19 antigen testing in German emergency rooms – a cost-benefit analysis
R. Diel, A. Nienhaus
Pulmonol. 2022;28:164-72
Open access
Open Article
Predictors of intubation in COVID-19 patients treated with out-of-ICU continuous positive airway pressure
N. De Vita, L. Scotti, G. Cammarota, F. Racca, C. Pissaia, C. Maestrone, D. Colombo, C. Olivieri, F. Della Corte, F. Barone-Adesi, P. Navalesi, R. Vaschetto
Pulmonol. 2022;28:173-80
Open access
Open Article

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