Pulmonology Pulmonology
Issue number 1
January - February 2017
Vol. 23. Num. 1.
Pages 1-54
EditorialOriginal articles
Inspiratory fraction as a marker of skeletal muscle dysfunction in patients with COPD
P. Cebollero, F. Zambom-Ferraresi, M. Hernández, J. Hueto, J. Cascante, M.M. Anton
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:3-9
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Asthma and rhinitis have different genetic profiles for IL13, IL17A and GSTP1 polymorphisms
E.P. Resende, A. Todo-Bom, C. Loureiro, A. Mota Pinto, B. Oliveiros, L. Mesquita, H.C. Silva
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:10-6
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Cystic fibrosis – Comparison between patients in paediatric and adult age
V. Santos, A.V. Cardoso, C. Lopes, P. Azevedo, F. Gamboa, A. Amorim
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:17-21
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Brief Communication
Sleep bruxism associated with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome – A pilot study using a new portable device
M. Winck, M. Drummond, P. Viana, J.C. Pinho, J.C. Winck
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:22-6
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Comparison of bacteriological conversion and treatment outcomes among MDR-TB patients with and without diabetes in Mexico: Preliminary data
M. Muñoz-Torrico, J. Caminero Luna, G.B. Migliori, L. D’Ambrosio, J.L. Carrillo-Alduenda, H. Villareal-Velarde, A. Torres-Cruz, H. Flores-Ergara, D. Martínez-Mendoza, C. García-Sancho, R. Centis, M.Á. Salazar-Lezama, R. Pérez-Padilla
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:27-30
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Ocular tuberculosis: Position paper on diagnosis and treatment management
L. Figueira, S. Fonseca, I. Ladeira, R. Duarte
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:31-8
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Research Letters
Peak cough flow measurement with a pneumotacograph and a portable peak flow meter in patients with neuromuscular diseases
P.R. Rodrigues, P.U. Brito, L. Fernandes, C. Rodrigues, A. Reis, J. Moita
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:39-40
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Comparison of predictive equations of resting energy expenditure in older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
F.M.M. Ramos, L.T. Rossato, B.R. Ramires, G.D. Pimentel, L.S. Venâncio, F.L. Orsatti, E.P. de Oliveira
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:40-2
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Letters to Editor
How to treat a glomus tumor of the airways?
M.T. Redondo, E. Padrão, S. Guimarães, G. Fernandes, A. Magalhães
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:43-5
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Systemic hypertension and the pathogenesis of diffuse alveolar haemorrhage
Joana Clemente Duarte, Rita Leal, Luís Escada, Tiago M. Alfaro
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:47-9
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Mesothelial cyst of the pulmonary ligament: An uncommon lesion
D. Penha, E.G. Pinto, E. Marchiori, A. Costa, W.E. Neto, K.L. Irion
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:49-51
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High-flow nasal oxygen is not an oxygen therapy device
S. Díaz-Lobato, J.M. Alonso, J.M. Carratalá, S. Mayoralas
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:51-2
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COPD: From the stethoscope to the spirometer
A. Araújo
Rev Port Pneumol 2017;23:52-3
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